Key information

Number of credits: 180 credits
Duration: Approximately 29 months
Module length: 12 weeks, normally followed by a 2-week break*

An increasingly important skill in the world of business, the ability to steer projects to a successful conclusion has become a key requirement for those looking to pursue higher positions within their field of expertise.

This online MSc programme seeks to equip you with the essential knowledge and key skills required to take your understanding of project management to the next level, and become a highly effective project manager.

The programme acknowledges the diversity in roles relating to a career in project management and therefore delivers skills transferable from industry to industry.

Our teaching will explore a variety of tools and techniques throughout the project life-cycle in areas such as planning, effective communication and strategic thinking. The variety of tools and relevant techniques you will discuss and study has been designed with practical application and career development in mind.

Programme overview.

Programme highlights

Gain essential knowledge and the key skills required to manage projects successfully

Challenge and extend your knowledge and practice in this business critical profession as you become an inquiring professional

Demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage project resources, and hone your people and communication skills – key to making a project successful

Recognise the diversity and complexity of projects, programmes, and portfolios as organisations outside of traditional "project management" sectors (such as construction, IT and engineering) also look to define major activities as "projects".

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*Breaks between modules may vary as the academic calendar is subject to change.